UNDEF Civil Society Partners Hosted the Workshop at Nairobi Civil Society Conference
Photo credits: Kiiya JI
31 May 2024

UNDEF Civil Society Partners Hosted a Workshop at Nairobi Civil Society Conference

UNDEF Civil Society (CSO) Partners held a dynamic workshop during the United Nations Civil Society Conference in Nairobi held on May 9-10, 2024.

Titled "Let's have an ambitious Pact of the Future! Why democracy, peace, and security in Africa and the Geneva Multilateral Agenda matter," the workshop was co-organized by Greywell's, Association of Former International Civil Servants for Development and the Network of the Independent Commission for Human Rights in Northern Africa. 

During the session, UNDEF CSO partners shared insights and success stories from ongoing initiatives. Ms. Virginia Nduta of Women’s Empowerment Link in Kenya, and Mr. John Kalage of Hakielimu from Tanzania presented their experiences and the tangible outcomes of UNDEF projects focusing on women’s leadership, youth engagement, and civic education. 

The workshop served as a platform for vibrant discussion, with participation from various UNDEF CSO Partners from both past and ongoing projects. The participants included Kiiya JI representing C-Sema from Tanzania, Azeb Kelemework, representing Union of Ethiopian Women and Children Associations, and representatives from the Arab Center for Human Rights Studies. Their reflections on their collaborative journeys with UNDEF underscored the impact of grassroots initiatives in driving positive change across diverse communities. 

Looking ahead, the outcomes of the Nairobi Civil Society Conference will feed into the Pact for the Future- the Outcome document of the Summit of the Future to be held in September 2024.