Photo of the GA Hall
UN Photo/Manuel Elías
09 September 2022

Why Should You Attend the SDG Moment?

Learn about our upcoming event, the “SDG moment” and why your participation is important.

The Sustainable Development Goals present a path to a better world for us all. If you have not heard what they are yet, they’re a great place to begin learning about what we can do to make a positive difference in our world. Whether you are a professional, a student, or a parent, we all play a crucial role. 

The SDG Moment, which takes place on 19 September, during the remarkable United Nations General Assembly, invites every individual to come and hear about the important task that lies ahead, or as we like to call it “Our World’s To-do list”.

By reading this, it is normal to ask yourself ‘Why should I, a regular individual, who does not work for a government or international organization, attend this event?’ or ‘Why would my participation even matter?’

It matters greatly and every person who participates is essential.

Here are three reasons you should attend the SDG Moment:

  1. You will learn directly from key experts about the Sustainable Development Goals. This will help you understand key contemporary issues in detail. Moreover, the SDGs also guide us toward solutions. You can inform yourself of relevant, actionable next steps to tackle the issues closest to your heart. For example, if you are a pilot, you can make sure your company is directing efforts towards the reduction of carbon emissions. If you are a parent, you can begin educating your kids on recycling and reducing waste. If you own a company, no matter the size, you can make sure women are offered equal pay and opportunities to bridge the inequality gap. These are just a few of many examples.

  2. This event will expand our knowledge and inspire solutions to global challenges. The consequences of the next few years will affect everyone, everywhere and reverberate for generations to come. We will only achieve our Global Goals if everyone participates - we need you!

  3. The great news is, the event can be viewed virtually and for free! You can attend from anywhere in the world, and encourage family, friends, and co-workers to join you. Join us in expanding our message to make transformative change! It is our job and our choice to take individual, meaningful action and move forward with our to-do list. Only together can we secure a sustainable future for all and our next generations. The time is now.

Join us

  • Mark your calendars for the SDG Moment on 19 September, starting at 7:45 AM EST.
  • Tune into the webcast on WebTV and YouTube.
  • Use the hashtag #SDGMoment to share how you take action for the Sustainable Development Goals!
  • Follow @UN_Partnerships on Twitter and @un_partners on Instagram.