The Team

Photo of Esther Agbarakwe

Esther Agbarakwe

Communications, Global, Climate Action, Youth, Public Mobilization
Photo of April Almaria

April Almaria

Programme Management, Communications, Special Events
Photo of Beth Baja

Beth Baja

Administration, Human Resources, Internships, Communications
Photo of Lucie Brigham

Lucie Brigham

Partnerships for the SDGs, Campaigns and Convenings, Conscious Fashion and Lifestyle Network
Photo of Matthew Coghlan

Matthew Coghlan

Climate Change, Energy, Fossil fuels, Paris Agreement, COP26
Photo of Nathalie Delorme

Nathalie Delorme

SDG Advocacy, Coordination, Programme Management
Photo of Agustin Diaz Herrero

Agustin Diaz Herrero

SDG Advocacy Support, Coordination Support
Kitty Fisher

Kitty Fisher

Programme Management Support
Photo of Monique Hagenah

Monique Hagenah

SDG Advocacy and Coordination Support

Dawda Jobarteh

SDG Advocacy
Photo of William Kennedy

William Kennedy

Strategic SDG Partnerships Advisory, Global
Photo of Christian Lamarre

Christian Lamarre

Arab States, Central Asia, Projects, Democracy, Civil Society
Photo of Solmy Lee

Solmy Lee

SDG Advocacy, Special Events
Photo of King Yeu Liu

King Yeu Liu

Administration, Budget and Finance
Photo of Mariana Mellado

Mariana Mellado

Communications, Social Media
Photo of Jesus Mendoza

Jesus Mendoza

Administration, Finance and Budget
Photo of Sherry Noblejas-Crispino

Sherry Noblejas-Crispino

Finance and Budget, Programme Management, Administration
Jaime Palacios

Jaime Palacios

Latin America, Caribbean, West Africa, Projects, Democracy, Civil Society
Photo of Allegra Ponti

Allegra Ponti

Programme Management Support, Coordination
Photo of Mikiko Sawanishi

Mikiko Sawanishi

Asia, Projects, Democracy, Civil Society
Photo of Vincent Than

Vincent Than

Database, Technology, Analytics
Photo of Juliette Thiriez

Juliette Thiriez

Programme Management Support
Photo of Katie Travers

Katie Travers

External Relations, Africa, Projects, Democracy, Civil Society
Photo of Dieter Wagner

Dieter Wagner

Evaluations, Europe, Arab States, Projects, Democracy, Civil Society