DSG and USG for UN Women tour exhibit
UN Photo/Mark Garten
01 March 2024

Celebrating Women’s Leadership: Interactive Storytelling Exhibition at United Nations Headquarters

March is a month when women's rights are spotlighted at the United Nations and everywhere else.

A special art exhibition, "Portraits of Progress: Women Powering the Global Goals," is currently on display in the lobby of the United Nations Headquarters. 

The interactive exhibition uses art and first-person storytelling to celebrate the transformative leadership of women around the globe. Through stunning portraits and inspiring backgrounds, visitors can learn about 16 remarkable women, each advocating for a specific Sustainable Development Goal (SDGs).

Photo: Vital Voices Global Partnership

Speaking at a reception that unveiled the exhibition, Ms. Annemarie Hou, Executive Director of the UN Office for Partnerships, said, “We often say that women’s leadership is central to achieving the SDGs, that it is both a prerequisite and an accelerator. This exhibition gives us concrete, powerful examples of women doing just that.”

“We need to invest in women to ensure equal space and equal opportunities. But we also need to invest in women because when they rise, they rise for all,” Ms. Hou added.

Echoing that sentiment, Ms. Alyse Nelson, President, and CEO of Vital Voices Global Partnership, stressed that the aim of the exhibit is to spotlight the crucial role of women leaders in achieving global progress. "Women are disproportionately affected by issues like climate change and inequality, yet their unique solutions hold the power to benefit entire communities,” she underlined.

Exhibit 2
Photo: Vital Voices Global Partnership

From Sara Minkara, an inclusion and disability expert who serves as Special Advisor on International Disability Rights for the Biden-Harris Administration, creating inclusive systems for all, to Michelle Hong, who works to create more livable cities through urban farming, the exhibit features many inspiring stories. 

The artwork was created by three women artists: Gayle Kabaker, Stef Wong, and Erin K. Robinson.

The exhibit, organized by the Vital Voices Global Partnership and supported by the UN Office for Partnerships, will be on display until 22 March 2024.