Women Rise for All 2023

Women Rise for All

““Facing unprecedented and intersecting crisis, rising inequality, brutal climate impacts, and seemingly endless conflict, we need a new paradigm of leadership to respond:  Leadership that embodies the values of the UN and the ambition of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)”
Amina J. Mohammed, UN Deputy Secretary-General

Convened by the United Nations Deputy Secretary-General Amina J. Mohammed “Women Rise for All” is an initiative that highlights the leadership of women in a time of multiple crises, while advancing progress towards the SDGs. 

Launched at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic “Women Rise for All” has rallied a growing community of women leaders to participate in global advocacy and scientific endeavors, including the UN Research Roadmap for COVID-19 Recovery.  

The initiative has since evolved into a gateway, connecting leaders to different networks around the world, and within the United Nations.

This year, the “We the Women…” Campaign—a global initiative designed to envision a sustainable and inclusive future—was launched during the 78th session of the UN General Assembly, in partnership with the Government of Germany. The campaign encourages women and girls worldwide to contribute their thoughts, ideas, and aspirations for a more sustainable and inclusive future. It aims to outline pathways to achieve this vision and delineate the actions expected from world leaders to propel us towards that goal. The campaign will progressively generate momentum and gain visibility, culminating in a multimedia moment at the Summit of the Future in September 2024. 

In 2023, UN Partnerships convened the “Women Rise for All Women at #COP28” event, which featured a discussion with influential women leaders, acknowledging their transformational leadership in climate action, including keeping 1.5C target of the Paris Agreement alive, saving lives, and protecting livelihoods. This 45-minute discussion highlighted how women leaders are scaling up solutions for people and planet. 



With these inspirational and aspirational words the United Nations charter lays out an agreed vision for a world based on peace, progress, and governed by international law.

While the intention was one of inclusion, its origins were in fact informed by those who represented only a few. Only 8 women participated in the San Francisco Founding conference of the United Nations, only 4 signed the Charter. Less than two thirds of the countries gathered in San Francisco had equal voting rights for women, and women’s participation in politics was minimal.

This exclusion and bias at the original moment of the United Nations has shaped its foundations and evolution for the past eight decades. The multiple crises we face today – from wars of aggression and proliferating violence and insecurity to rampant inequality, a climate emergency, and fraying social cohesion – have all been shaped by models based on exclusion. In short, in 1945 the international community built an institution for all with the views of a few. 

As we race the clock to 2030 and the end date of the Sustainable Development Goals, we need the capacities, expertise, innovation and ideas of all. To build momentum towards this objective, in 2020 the Deputy Secretary-General along with senior women leaders from the UN, governments, private sector and beyond, launched ‘Women Rise for All’, an initiative focusing on women leaders’ networking and convening, and shaping collective global solutions for the future. In September 2023, as part of the Women Rise for All  event, the ‘We the Women’ Campaign was launched – as a moment for a reset, and to create a new narrative that is truly inclusive.

WE THE WOMEN. What if the UN Charter started with the words “We the Women”?

For one year – from September 2023 to September 2024, the United Nations, led by the Office of Partnerships, is initiating a large-scale, global outreach campaign that reaches out to the world’s women and girls through various channels. It invites the submission of thoughts, ideas, and aspirations – what is the world we want, how do we get there, and what do we expect from the UN. The ‘We the Women’ Campaign is designed to culminate in a multi-media moment at the Summit of the Future – expressed through a shared vision of the future informed by the voices, experiences, creativity of women and girls.

For more information on Women Rise for All and We the Women Campaign, please reach out to ghita.elkhyari@un.org